-Chewbacca's (Bacca) Page-

'Bacca is a dark chocolate stud here at Starstruck! And what a handsome guy!

'Bacca has been screened for all the necessary GENETIC HEALTH tests we as breeders can perform on our breeding stock, before they are bred (this is very important).

Because we have done all these tests, we can warranty Chewbacca's little wookies against these inherited diseases for their entire lives! 

His personality is second to none, with a desire to be close at hand, and by your side. Always ready for a snuggle, Bacca is friendly towards everyone and everything he meets ... even the cat! 

Gentle to a fault, Bacca is often found "babysitting" the youngsters we have in the kennel, or sunbathing on the couch! He enjoys running and playing, but never jumps or pushes to get his way - what a sweetheart! 



Born to an entirely English type line, Bacca is very stout and wide in appearance. We plan to breed him mainly to American-type gals (they look more athletic), and bloodlines that are already English/American hybrids.

Bacca is a proud member of our Guardian Program, and if you would like to take a great dog home, like Bacca, learn all about it HERE.

 If you would like to take one of Bacca's wookies home, visit our Purchasing Information page, and get reading!