Mafia's Page

 "My name is Mafia! I am a youngster, born at Starstruck to Olive and Bullwrinkles!

I know I come from a long line of proven, health tested dogs, but I still had to have my own genetic health testing done! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION on what my puppies will be warrantied against for LIFE!"

 "Although I am black, I can have yellow, black, charcoal, or even champagne pups!  But lets face it, champagne is just another shade of yellow! Unless you are a geneticist!

I also have great personality traits to pass on to my pups! I am an amazing pet, and I live my life with a single family, like any other pet pooch! you see, Starstruck has a GUARDIAN PROGRAM that allows all of us "breeding dogs" to live the best of both worlds!

I hope to have some babies soon! I LOVE pups! I think they are cute, fuzzy, snugly, and all around wonderful!

 "Be sure and ask my people at Starstruck if I have any puppies coming up soon! You know, they will be the BEST! My Mother, Olive always had long waiting lists for her puppies!"

 Mafia's Mother - Olive

 Mafia's Father - Bullwrinkles