"Maggie"- The Pope's Running On Panceta

Maggie has completed her Health Testing with flying colours.
 So, rest assured that none of Maggie's pups will have Preventable Genetic Diseases.
Maggie is a part-time Mom, But a full-time pet. Read all about having a part-time Ma-Pooch or Pa-Pooch on our Guardian Program Page.
If you are interested in purchasing one of Maggie's little people loving pups fill out an Application.

Maggie is able to produce all six colours, and perhaps even darker reds! To learn more about the interesting colours she can produce, like Silver/Charcoal/Champagne, read about The Dilutes.
It all depends who she chooses to have puppies with!

Maggie's Mother, Biscuit
Maggie's Father, Ernie