Here at Starstruck Labradors, we feed all of our adults a RAW food diet.

We now supply raw food made by Pets Go Raw in Cranbrook, BC. Currently, we make monthly deliveries to our clients in Calgary. Please contact us for more information!

Aside from a RAW diet for your dog, we have added TLC Pet Food to our Warranty to ensure that our pups who will be fed kibble will have a great quality diet. 

-Why TLC Kibble as an option for dog food?- 

Over the past few years, we have spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with different dog foods. After a lot of work, we have learned the art of deciphering the guaranteed analyses and ingredients lists on the back of kibble packages!

 Due to rampant misinformation about dog food qualities, and the confusing array of fancy packaging in retail outlets, we have decided to recommend a kibble to our clients and their furry companions.

 The very best diet you can feed your dog (or anyone really) is a diet full of raw and natural food, not kibble. However, we can understand the need for kibble, both in cost and convenience!

The food we recommend to you is “TLC Whole Life Natural Dog Food.”

 Over 75% of the food’s dry weight is meat ingredients: specifically lamb, chicken, and salmon. The protein, fat, and carbohydrate levels are optimal, and the vitamin levels are more than adequate. We are confident that this food will serve your dog well for its whole life. We’ve even tested it ourselves…not bad, for kibble.

Our warranty requires that our puppy owners feed either TLC  or a RAW food (see video above) diet to their dogs. We only want the best for your new family member, and in the past, we made no specific feeding demands. But as a result, we have seen many of our clients pressured to feed high-priced, poor quality products. More than anything, we recommend against feeding veterinarian recommended diets. These kibbles are exorbitantly priced, and their ingredients are usually composed of grains, by-products from grain processing, and small quantities of meat by-products. Read the ingredients yourselves! A general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t eat the ingredients list, then don’t feed it to your dogs! Follow the below links for a comparison of TLC to vet foods to demonstrate this point. 


There is another advantage to TLC: it is delivered directly to your door, in a box that contains two resealable bags! That means no more last minute trips to the pet store after work, and no more standing in line with a 40-pound bag of food. In an e-mail, we can send you the information you need to buy your first bag of food with a discount. You can even set up an account that will automatically have your food delivered to you at set dates! TLC's costumer service is also a phone call away to help you with any dietary issues that you may come across.


Our puppies have been eating TLC, and are happy and healthy on it. We hope to encourage you to maintain your pet with the best food possible! Now and in the future, please let us know your thoughts, as well as your experiences with TLC and any other pet foods you have tried. We want your feedback!