Established in 2008, why a name like “Starstruck Labradors”?

Because our story started when Valina's almost stopped...

Valina was riding as the front-centre passenger of this car, which was hit head-on.

 Valina was air lifted to hospital by STARS (non-profit) air ambulance on January 15th 2006, when the vehicle that she was traveling in was STRUCK head-on at highway speed. She survived! And it was the LABRADORS who gave her the spark she needed to get back up and keep smiling!


STARSTRUCK LABRADORS is named for, and proud to support STARS Air Ambulance. If not for STARS, there would be no Valina.


Can we ever thank them enough?

 We'll give back...


$80,000 in charitable donations to date  (2018),

 including over $50,000 to STARS!


Valina, along with two of our pups, were featured in November, in the 2011 STARS Calendar!!! Valina also participated in a video for STARS 

These simple creatures we call "dogs" have brought us more joy and meaning than anything else in our complex lives. We live, breathe, sweat and cry for these beautiful wee beasties. Each one is precious to us.    

-Animal Welfare in Zihuatanejo-


We also support a family run SPCA in Mexico: the Society for the Protection of Animals in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, MX. 

We were married in Ixtapa, and consider the community our second home. We have found that our donations to animal welfare go a very long way in Mexico, that the need is great, and that our donation dollars stretch to unimaginable lengths! 

This is one of the only tourist destinations in Mexico that takes animal welfare seriously, and we encourage you to visit this amazing tropical paradise!!!

You can learn more about this excellent organization at:

-Starstruck Service Dogs and Puppies-


Saying goodbye to a handsome black male who now works with West Coast Assistance Teams.