WE FEED RAW FOOD (real food)! 

Starstruck Labradors is proud to use Canadian made raw food: Pets Go Raw  

But even adding FRESH FOOD to your dog's kibble will lower the chances of illness!

"In a 2005 study conducted at Purdue University on Scottish Terriers, the results showed that adding fresh vegetables to dry commercial kibble actually prevented and/or slowed down the development of transitional cell carcinoma (aka bladder cancer)!" - WOW!

-Why TLC Kibble as an option, under the Warranty?- 

Over the past ten years, we have spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with different dog foods. After a lot of work, we have learned the art of deciphering the guaranteed analyses and ingredients lists on the back of kibble packages!

 Due to rampant misinformation about dog food qualities, and the confusing array of fancy packaging in retail outlets, we have decided to recommend a kibble to our clients and their furry companions. We’ve even tested it ourselves…not bad, for kibble, and it is delivered!

 The very best diet you can feed your dog (or anyone really) is a diet 

full of raw and natural food, not kibble. If you choose to feed kibble, 

supplement with real food as often as possible. 

Our warranty requires that our puppy owners feed either TLC  or a RAW food. We only want the best for your new family member, and in the past, we made no specific feeding demands. But as a result, we have seen many of our clients pressured to feed high-priced, poor quality products. More than anything, we recommend against feeding veterinary clinic kibble diets. These kibbles are exorbitantly priced, and their ingredients are usually composed of grains, by-products from grain processing, and smaller quantities of meat by-products. Read the ingredients yourselves by comparing the analyses below: