Chocolate and Black 

Guardian Puppies Available


From each litter, we hold one or two female pups for our Guardian Program.

Please READ this page, and the contracts below, then send in an adoption application to inquire about bringing one of these lovely pups home. Guardians are priced at $1600 +GST.  

It goes without saying that breeders don't sell their best dogs as pets. Otherwise, they wouldn't be breeders for very long!

We always hold the top couple picks of puppies back from each litter we have, and these are the dogs that we place with guardian families.

Our guardian program was created for our dogs who want the best of both worlds! Dogs who love being mothers and fathers, but who also want to live the good life and hold down a chesterfield with a family all to themselves

It all begins with you: Our Families. If you fall in love with a dog you meet here, you could be the proud FUREVER family to a Starstruck guardian dog! We offer a few perks unique to guardian families, including free boarding when you're away from home!

Guardian dogs live with their families most of the year, but return to us for breeding for an agreed upon amount of time. Each contract is a little different, as each dog is a little different. Girls are generally needed back for 1-2 litters, while males are needed multiple times until a certain age. 

When these dogs retire completely from our breeding program, they remain with their families for the rest of their lives.

Because males and females are so different, we have two different contracts. If you would like to look them over, click on the links below.

Want the very best pup or dog a breeder has to offer? Why not take home one of our best?

There are many additional benefits to owning a Guardian dog, so feel free to ask us for more details!