All of our lovely Moms were born here! 

All of our mothers have been DNA tested for EIC, PRA, CNM and DM. Their hips and elbows have been evaluated by the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals.

 With the sweetest little face, this pretty  lady was born to Polly and Frankenstein and is planning to have her own pups shortly! 

Spunky, and a touch mischievous, "Golly" is guilty of sneaking in for kisses, and stealing off with hearts! 

While Golly's father was born here at Starstruck, her mother was a new bloodline we brought in to invest in healthier puppies! You can read more about our genetic health practices on two pages: 

The daughter of Vader and Mamacita, "Grr" has just planned to have her first litter with us.

Because Grr has a chocolate mother, we know she could have chocolate pups herself, and there is also a chance that she carries the gene for yellow too... time will tell! 

Grr has an endearing temperament, both active and goofy, but also affectionate and tender too! We hope she shares these fantastic qualities with her babies! 

We can't begin to describe how excited we are to announce that Preciosa will be having her first litter this year!

Descending from Foley, Juni, Folo, Puddin, Hemsky, Virgo, and Bonita, Preciosa has been one pup that we have been building for a decade - so to speak! (Check out our retired dogs' page for a family tree!) She is also the daughter of Chewbacca.

With her health clearances in place, we know we are going to try having pups with her, and the lucky guy will be Vader! 
Wish them luck!

Just gorgeous! We can't say enough about how wonderfully "little" Cerdita has grown up! Born to Mamacita and Ernie, Cerdita has matured into a perfect, and big gal!

Cerdita can be sweet, cuddly, and then spring into action, retrieving and generally goofing around! What a lovely balance of maturity, with flashes of puppy ridiculousness! 
For her first litter she was bred to Rajah, the proud Momma of TEN babies.. she fell completely in love, at first sight! We are so lucky to have Cerdita!

Cleopatra is a beautiful black gal who was born to Optimus Prime and Minerva. She lives in a wonderful family of her own through our Guardian Program, and will be expecting her first litter, Fall 2018.

A picture-perfect, medium sized girl, Cleo has a wonderful balance of intelligence and sweetheart.

Cleo comes from a long line of excellent mothers and we expect nothing less of her! Bred to Rajah, she will have yellows and black pups. 

RooBee is a yellow female, born to Lacey and Virgo, who lives with her furever family in Calgary through our Guardian Program.

Her first litter from Vader proved she enjoyed being a mother very much, and she took to it naturally. For her second litter, she was bred to Optimus Prime, and they had stunning red puppies! Wow! 
RooBee is a medium/low energy female who enjoys playing, swimming, bum scratches, and of course, cuddling! 

A very light yellow, DNA is a daughter of Lacey and Mungo. Both she and her sister, Karma, are mothers now and both live with different families in Alberta.

DNA was a fantastic first-time mom, with the patience and love that makes perfect family companions, we are lucky to have her as a mother. 

Even when bred to a very dark red male (Optimus Prime) DNA's pups were still lighter in colour than their father. 
Her eyes sparkle like warm amber in the sun, even when it is cold outside! One of our smaller females, Sansa was born to Bullwrinkles and Minerva. 

She lives with a loving family in Calgary, so she lives spoiled all the time! A real spunky, sensitive and loving pooch. She is a mixture of intelligence, drive (driven by her heart) and goofball!

Such a great Mom, we hope to have one or two more litters with Sansa before she retires with her family for good!    

This gorgeous little lady is River! She is one of three siblings we kept from Lacey and Chewbacca ...we really loved them, that much! 

River is the spunky one of the three, with a whole body wiggle, she is sure to make anyone giggle with happiness. River lives with a fantastic family who loves her silly ways and sweet nature. We hope there is a gene in there for charm, and we hope her pups get it too! 

Having passed all of her health testing, River could have black, chocolate, or yellow pups, depending on the sire.
A unique gal, as the only pup kept back from her mother Freya, Aries-Aphae (ah-fay-ah) has completed the necessary health testing for our breeding program! 

She could have yellow, chocolate and black pups, all depending on who she is bred to. 

With an outgoing and happy-go-lucky personality, she is sure to charm anyone who meets her. With her own family, through our guardian program, Aries-Aphea lives in Southern Alberta. 
Karma is DNA's sister, both who were born to Mungo and Lacey. She is a fun and spunky goofball who lights up any room she walks into, with her mile-wide smile, and contagious happiness.

Karma lives with a spectacular family in Calgary, keeping them on their toes with walking, running, and swimming regularly. 

We hope Karma has a easy time being a mother, like her mother did before her, and we are able to keep a couple of her daughters to continue bringing joy and laughter to even more families.

This little lady has a very familiar face, in a way. The daughter of Lacey and Chewbacca, a sister to Rajah and River, Bria comes from two of our most favoured bloodlines!

A wonderful balance of beauty and brains, Bria is likely to make anyone she meets believe in love at first sight! 

Passing all of her health testing, Bria could have black, chocolate, or yellow pups, depending on the sire.

This stunning black female is a daughter of Keisha and Jack, born in 2014. She has had one litter so far, and may have another in the Spring. Sugar is a very loving mother.

Sugar is a sweet-tempered gal, who loves being with her people, and stealing hearts of everyone she meets! She is affectionate, intelligent, and loves to play!

Sugar can have pups who are black or yellow, and we are excited to meet her next batch of litter ones! 

The beautiful daughter of Jelly Bean and Bullwrinkles, Sweet Tart makes beautiful pups, and is a natural Mom. 

With a happy wiggle or a hop, Sweet Tart greets everyone she meets like an old friend. She enjoys playing with other pooches, and people alike. 

Sweet Tart could have dark red pups 
born Summer 2018!

This beautiful daughter of Saga and Chewbacca wasn't our first pick of her litter ... the family who was suppose to take her home had a change of plans! 

As it turns out, it was meant to be! Spirit grew into one of the most stunning dogs we've produced yet, and because we kept her, we realized she really was the pick of the litter! 

After acing her way through our usual genetic health testing, she will be having pups for us in 2018/19!