Most of our lovely Moms were born here! 

All of our mothers/parentage have been DNA tested for EIC, PRA, CNM and DM. Their hips and elbows have been evaluated by the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals.

Everybody loves a Redhead! (At least, that is our motto...considering...)

There is no filter here! Red Delicious is really such a dark shade of yellow, that everyone sees red (or even chocolate, from a distance). She is as stunning as she is goodhearted and we are proud to have her with us. 

Her personality may surprise, with a unique loyalty to her soul, she LOOOVES her favourite hoomans! 

Relish (for short) comes from a long line of Starstruck dogs and we are very excited to meet her pups.

May the fourth was when this Chewbacca daughter was born ... so of course, we called her Leia! Passing all of her genetic and orthopaedic health testing, we are eager to see pups from this stunning gal!

Leia could have black or chocolate pups for sure, but there is a chance she carries yellow from her father too, in which case, she could have yellow pups but only time will tell.

Leia enjoys cuddles and couch time, but goes crazy for her ball outside too!

This beauty is Bumblebee, the daughter of our famous Optimus Prime! We were so excited to see her first pups in early 2020!

We are happy to say that she has passed all of her pre-breeding health screening with flying colours, and you can read more about the testing all of our dogs complete prior to breeding 

If you would like to get on the waiting list for one of "Bee's" pups, don't wait! We already have some deposits for our upcoming pups!

What a joy it is to see this wonderful gal all grown up. She is everything we hoped for in the blending of her two parents together, but she has her own sweet personality. Maybe there is something in a name, calling her "Dalai" (Lama) 

A perfect mix of affectionate and a little bit goofy, Dalai will win over anyone she meets with a wink and a wag!

We are excited to see what the stork brings to Dalai this year, when she becomes a mother herself.

We can't begin to describe how excited we are to announce that Preciosa will be a mom again this year!

Descending from Foley, Juni, Folo, Puddin, Hemsky, Virgo, and Bonita, Preciosa has been one pup that we have been building for a decade - so to speak! She is also the daughter of Chewbacca.

With her health clearances in place, we are tickled pink to continue this long-line of Starstruck Pups!

The daughter of Lily and Vader, Diamond has finished all her health testing and had her first batch of pups in Summer, 2020.

We could have done a DNA test for colour too, but we have left it to a surprise! She might carry yellow ... but we will find out soon enough, when she has pups!

With her thick and luxurious fur, she turns heads, and breaks hearts everywhere she goes. We are excited to meet her pups, and hope they get her delightful temperament and stunning good looks too!

 The daughter of Vader and Mamacita, "Grr" has had just one litter with us, and we hope for another before she retires.

Because Grr has a chocolate mother, we know she could have chocolate pups herself, and there is also a chance that she carries the gene for yellow too... time will tell! 

Grr has an endearing temperament, both active and goofy, but also affectionate and tender too! We hope she shares these fantastic qualities with her babies! 

A beautiful little lady, and a joy to everyone she meets, her kind and genuine spirit is infectious and you can't help but fall in love with her... the Candy Apple of my eye, so to speak.

She lives with a phenomenal guardian family who first came to us after losing such a precious old soul ... is was fate that brought us together.

This sweetheart is a beautiful example of the dogs we are trying to produce. While no one is perfect, this little lady is just about perfect to us.

The sister of Cleopatra and the daughter of Minerva and Optimus Prime, these gorgeous amber eyes belong to Tuya.

After passing her health testing with flying colours, we hope to breed Tuya for black and yellow pups and keep building on a pedigree we've been working on since the very beginning! Tuya's family tree traces back all the way to Foley, one of the first females we ever had! 

We are excited to see where this next generation takes us!

A full sister to Spirit, this lovely lady is Skyfire, or Sky for short!

With piercing eyes, Sky has made us all fall in love with her sweet temperament and her exuberance for love and life!

Always up for a good game, or a pack walk, Sky is a great example of the kind of balanced Labrador we aim to produce.

With any luck, Sky will soon be a mother, and we can't wait to meet her LABRadorable Puppies!    
Hoax is  wonderful and kind-hearted gal, born to Bazinga (Spud) and Lily. With a stalky frame, she represents a nice outline of an English-type Labrador, although her pedigree is already more diverse. 

With a chocolate parent, we know she carries the gene and could produce chocolate pups, but we don't know yet if she carries yellow from her mother.

The DNA testing we have done for Hoax ensures that here pups won't be born with traceable genetic diseases, which you can read about HERE
We can't believe she's all grown up!

A spunky little thing, this black beauty takes after her hooman mother and won't let anyone push her around! She is classy  sassy, and a little bad a$$y!

That's right, just when you thinking you have fallen for the love of your life, and you zoom in for the kiss you realize; you've just lost yourself with Mistletoe.

She is one of our smaller mothers and we are excited to have pups that aren't the size of small horses when they grow up. 
Born here at Starstruck, Cachorra is a fourth generation Mom with us.

While no dog is perfect, this chocolate beauty is pretty close to the mark. She loves to talk (monologues about her day) and is definitely a Daddy's Girl.

Cachorra has a gentle and sensitive soul, and she never need to be reprimanded for bad behaviour... she wouldn't hurt a fly! 

She loves to play ball, enjoys sniffing EVERYTHING and never turns down a cuddle.
Everything happens for a reason.

Firefly belongs with a home that has shared three of our labs now. She has a special connect to her favourite hooman, and has learned skills to impress and challenge! She is the kind of lab that we wish we could guarantee to each family.

From the core of her spirit, to the tips of her fur, Firefly is a dog who we are very honoured to call one of our own... but we can't take all the credit! 

Her Guardian family has given her love, and raised her with everything she 
needed to become who she is today. More photos to come soon!