Meet our handsome stud-pooches!

Sorry! We do not provide stud services to other breeders or those who are thinking about breeding their pet(s). We strongly urge anyone who is thinking about breeding their dog (because your dog is the best, and all your friends want one of her puppies) to read about the health testing you absolutely must have done before you breed even just one litter!

"If you build it, they will come! My field of dreams is a bit simpler, like playing my part in completing families, one pup at a time... and melting hearts" - Barley

With a mix of hunting (American Type) and show (English Type) bloodlines, this handsome guy brings in even more genetic diversity to our lines! Barley is finished all of his health testing, and will be expecting pups this year. He could father black or chocolate pups, but not yellow.

"The decepticons have invaded our borders! We must create an army, so cute, they will be halted in their tracks! Dog-obots, lets make puppies!"

- Optimus Prime

With a very docile, calm nature, this gorgeous red boy, Prime is! His pups tend to have some of his super-mellow personality, an a touch of colour, too! Prime originally came from New York, but now lives with a wonderful family and his son Rooke in Calgary. 

"If not for being a fulltime pet, and second a stud here at Starstruck, I think I would like to be a Fire Chief 
... I can find a hydrant anywhere!!!" 

Chief has joined us at Starstruck to enjoy the benefits of living with his own furever family, while keeping up a career as a stud dog. Chief might look tough, but he actually just wants to love, and be loved in return. Careful! He will sweep you off your feet! That's why he's The Chief! 

"It isn't easy looking this good all day, but I love this line of work! I am ready for anything ... swimming, playing, digging. I am one eager retriever! Leave it to me!" -Beaver

A medium-energy boy, Beaver is a full-time family dog, and a part-time stud! He has sired just one litter so far, but might be getting lucky again in 2018! Beaver was born in the USA, but brings back Canadian bloodlines! Beaver could father black or chocolate puppies!

-Retiring Soon!- 
 "In another life, I might be a therapist. I can see what you want, feel what you need, and I will cuddle you until you forget them both. Don't believe me? Just wait until you meet me! After all, I am magic!!" -Merlin

Born at Starstruck, to Ginger and Bond, this handsome fellow lives up to his "Cloak'n'Dagger" name, with a bit of mystery, and a bunch of magic! 

Breaking hearts, making us proud, and fathering pups, Merlin is going to be a father in Spring of 2018! 

-Retiring Soon!- 

"Do I look happy? I AM happy! What could get me down, when I have the best job in the world? And if you think I am cute, just wait until you see my pups!" -Rajah

Born to Lacey and Chewbacca, this ridiculously handsome stud has just begun his career, and has already become a legend!  Able to father chocolate, black, or yellow pups, Rajah is a natural gentleman with the ladies, and a mischievous pooch who likes to cuddle and smell absolutely everything ...


"Otse Tak! Tse mistse v Kanadi naykrashche! Lyudy dyvuyutʹ! Inshi sobaky dobrozychlyvi! A yizha naykrashcha ... 
YA lyublyu yizhu!" -Perogis

Our new boy, Perogis is still just a pup, and won't be having pups until 2020, but just take a look at how handsome and gentle he is! What a sweetheart, very affectionate and a bit goofy too, we couldn't be more excited about having this guy, all the way from the Ukraine!

Yes! He is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. He also speaks cuddle, loves to play ball, and looooooves food!
"If not for being a stud here at Starstuck, I think I would like the life of a superstar! Life in the spotlight, loved by the crowds, I could sing my way into anyone's heart! Half way there, living on a prayer!" -Bon Jovi

This handsome boy brings in new bloodlines, helping to increase the genetic diversity and outcrossing possibilities here at Starstruck!

Carrying yellow, Bon Jovi could father both black and yellow pups, but not chocolate. He is slightly smaller (although very stalky) than most boys, which is nice too see in a breed that can be too heavy, and over-done these days.
Bon Jovi has a happy-go-lucky attitude, always happy to sit down for a cuddle, until someone throws a ball! He has an awesome prey drive, and really likes to tear up the field on a sunny afternoon.