Most of our puppies are sold with our pet contract, which includes a written our warranty and a non-breeding agreement. 

Only a select few of our pups will be selected for our Guardian Program, and each family get to choose which type of puppy they want. 

A Non-Breeding Agreement (also known as a "Limited Registration") is how most of our pups are sold. The CKC registration will show that the buyer is the full owner of the pup but that the pup will not be used for breeding. There is no demand that the owner must spay or neuter their dog but any puppies that come from this dog will not be eligible to be registered. 

The purpose of the Non-Breeding Agreement is to discourage irresponsible breeding and to emphasize that this pup's purpose in life is to be a companion and friend to a special family.

 However, this pup may still be entered in shows and trials by the buyer at any time. It doesn't limit your ownership in any way, other than breeding.

Each Guardian contract is unique, and only a select few are available in this program. This contract allows us to hold the breeding rights to this pup or dog, while allowing the dog to become a family's loved pet. 

While the pricing of dogs on Guardian contracts is done on a case-by-case basis, we offer free boarding, and other incentives and services to the families of dogs who are enrolled in this program.